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Helping professions that are chronically exposed to human-induced trauma are very rewarding, yet oftentimes, exhausting and draining.

As a compassionate professional, you’re constantly pouring out empathy and care, which puts you at great risk for things like burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and secondary trauma. Intentionally practicing preventative and restorative self-care is the key to staying healthy and well long-term. I’m very passionate about supporting women leaders in these fields, and that’s why I’ve created the GoodHeart App. It’s a Professional Growth and Wellness App exclusive to these women, combining connections, community, and curated content. Helping Professionals who are expected to be the ones always available to help others, often find it difficult to ask for their own help. You put your well-being on the line every day to help others, and between the workload, the growing need, unrealistic expectations put on you, social pressure, and the seemingly never-ending urgent matters, you can be at high risk for professional burnout and compassion fatigue. In the GoodHeart App, we focus on 5 domains of self-care and wellness – Physical, Relational, Professional, Psychological, and Emotional. YOU ARE NOT ALONE and there’s power in like-minded community. I can’t wait to get to know you more.

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Hope Behavioral Health

Serving Northeast Ohio with culturally competent, spiritually sensitive, and trauma-informed counseling services.

Two easy ways to get started with therapy

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Mercy Center Global Ministries, Inc., is a Christ-centered, multicultural ministry that exists to affect emotional and spiritual wholeness for clergy, leaders and people of Faith by providing Christian ministry, counseling, educational opportunities designed to empower individuals to become mobilized for Kingdom ministry.

Two easy ways to get started with therapy

Thera-P Wellness

Inner Healing Therapy For Pastors And Leaders. Thera-P is a Spirit-directed individual counseling intensive to help people find hope and healing for deep emotional wounds. 

WIY Inner Healing Groups

WIY Inner Healing Groups are a Christian therapy and psychoeducational group for women who carry emotional wounds and hurts in their hearts.

Our goal is to provide hope for lives that are hurting and broken and to let them know that life can look different. It does not have to be as challenging as it is right now. We strive to share our hope for a better future for them and their babies.


What resources can I get directly from Grace Promises?

Grace Promises is a women’s ministry devoted to seeing the hearts of women transformed, healed, and whole. We strive to encourage women to become all that God has created and purposed them to be. This is done by introducing them to God’s Grace and Promises that are available daily. Through our 12-week mentoringship program, workshops, Bible studies, conferences, pastoral or leadership support we are dedicated to seeing women propelled into a life of power, passion, and purpose with God’s Grace.

What comes in a Grace Box?

Each Grace Box includes a bible, journal, devotional, declaration, and various surprise items. You can choose to Sponsor-A-Box or Gift-A-Box. Sponsor Boxes are given to women in need in the community. Gift Boxes can be purchased and shipped to you or your loved one.  Give the gift of Grace today!

What are the benefits of Mentoring?

Mentoring is a unique opportunity to be in connection with someone that has walked down a similar journey as you and can understand many of the situations you may encounter. The focus of Grace Encouragement Mentoring is to help you to cultivate a deeper more intimate relationship with Christ and understand your true identity in Him.

What are the benefits of Counseling?

Personal or psychological counseling offers you the opportunity to talk about social, emotional, or behavioral problems that are either causing you distress or interfering with your functioning. Counselors are trained professionals who can respond to your concerns in an objective and non-judgmental manner. The counseling relationship is unique in that it provides a safe forum for you to speak freely, knowing that what is shared will be kept private and confidential.

Counseling address issues such as relationship issues, behavior problems, mental challenges, spiritual struggles, depression and grief, addictive behavior, family turmoil, and more!

Here are some of the benefits of counseling: 

  1. Increased skills in interpersonal communication.
  2. Improved interpersonal relationships.
  3. Decreased depressive symptoms.
  4. Decreased anxiety symptoms.
  5. Reduction in pharmaceutical interventions.
  6. Improved quality of life.
  7. Clarity of behavioral contribution to wellbeing.
  8. Reduction of suicidal ideation.
  9. Improvement in emotional self regulation.
  10. Reduction in substance misuse.

What is the difference between Mentoring vs Counseling? And how will I know if I need to take the next step?

Mentoring is an informal relationship. 

Mentoring allows someone to journey with you that has overcome some similar life situations you may be facing. Mentors give advice based on life experiences and expertise. The mentee will benefit from the relationship by choosing to follow the mentor’s path toward development. Behavior modeling and advancement guidance are a few ways in which that role is nurtured.


Counseling is a formal relationship. Counseling benefits clients by creating a trusted and safe space for healing. Licensed counselors are skilled at sitting with difficult emotions and situations. They are well versed in the process of finding relief from various forms of emotional disruption. Healing through counseling also has a range of effects in other areas of a client’s life.


Take some time to assess your mental health, responses, and behaviors. Do you have past hurts or wounds you need to overcome? Counseling may be a great place to start. Do you feel stuck and simply need tools and strategy to move forward? Mentoring may be your answer. Many clients utilize both resources simultaneously to achieve the level of wholeness and healing they are in need of. Make the decision to make the necessary changes to move forward in life! 

How do I become a Woman of Grace?

Simply, receive and embrace God’s grace over your life. Grace is God’s unmerited favor. We currently host a monthly women’s bible study via Facebook and Zoom. In this study we encourage women to Become and Walk as Woman of Grace. We are currently looking at the lives of Hannah and Anna, whose names both mean Grace in the Bible, we unpack what Grace is and how we can apply it to every area of our lives. We will take note of how they both learned the importance of prayer, surrender, and overcoming which ultimately led them to a place of power! Come join us as we learn how to become women of Grace!!!

How can I support Grace Promises?

You can support Grace Promises Women’s Ministry by giving a donation or love offering. All monies donated will be used solely for the purpose of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You may also purchase a Grace Sponsor-A-Box. Each box is given to women in need in the community. These women have been held back by past trauma and emotional wounds but now desire a fresh start and need encouragement to begin again.

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